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Going Green

All employees at Aircon Draft are dedicated to ensuring that you, as well as the environment are comfortable. This is the reason we offer equipment that include technology such as inverter-compressor driven condensers that are charged with eco-friendly refrigerant gas which does not harm the earth’s atmosphere.

DC Inverter technology

Benefits include:

• Energy saving (running cost saving of up to 35%) by use of a variable speed compressor that speeds up and slows down as the heat load increases or decreases;
• Heating at low ambient temperatures (up to –10 degrees);
• The set point temperature in the room will be reached much quicker;
• The temperature will remain more constant than conventional compressors. This is owing to it’s variable speed capability;
• The compressor is quieter than a standard compressor.

R410A gas

We utilise R410A refrigerant on our inverter air-conditioners. This gas is free of chlorine, and does not deplete the ozone in any way. This refrigerant has become the new standard refrigerant gas used in the manufacture of new room air-conditioning systems in the European market.

Green Building Council of South Africa

Our managing member Brendon Hull, has completed the (GBCSA) Green Building Council of South African accredited professionals course. This means that we have the tools and design capabilities to offer advice on eco-friendly building designs.

Altherma Heating solution

Altherma offers heat pump technology application for your domestic sanitary hot water that incorporates under-floor heating and fan coil unit air-conditioning all driven by an inverter compressor. The Altherma provides an impressive coefficient of performance (COP) in operation that saves energy and reduces your carbon footprint. Solar panels are also compatible on a retro-fitted Altherma system to increase the COP.

City Multi

The Mitsubishi heat recovery system has an application where the heat discharged by the compressor in cooling mode is harnessed by heat exchangers and utilised for under-floor heating and domestic hot water usage, bringing the energy efficiency levels of the system to new industry highs.

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