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We pursue highly advanced technologies to improve the quality of your life. Enjoy a clean and comfortable life with Aircon Draft.

We supply air-conditioning systems with anti-corrosion treatment on the heat exchanging coil as standard. This ensures longevity of your air-conditioning system. Our systems are also equipped with air purifying filters that remove most bacteria, pollen, dust, mites and pet hair as well as fine odorous particles (model dependent).

Choose a product that's right for you:

Midwall Unit

Our range of Midwall indoor units, that includes both cooling only and heat pump variants,
are designed to deliver the maximum levels of comfort and energy efficiency, while
blending in discreetly with their surroundings.
  • The top choice in home air-conditioning

  • Contemporary or classic finishes available

  • State of the art specifications

  • Climate control

  • Simple installation

  • Contains specialised filters that purify the air you breathe

  • Compact and sleek design

  • Auto changeover from heating to cooling

  • Minimal running cost
Types of Midwalls:  

Samsung Max

  • Stylish front panel enhances any décor.

  • Flush front panel minimises dust-collection, cleans at a wipe

  • Evaporator and filter are Silver Nano-coated to ensure healthy germ-free air.

  • Proven to eliminate 99.9% of all airborne germs passing through the airconditioner.

  • Good’sleep Mode ensures a refreshing night’s sleep.

  • Auto Changeover provides constant temperature regulation.

  • A top-quality airconditioner at an affordable price.
  • Sleep mode automatically adjusts temperature to ensure a good night's sleep

Jung Frau invertor

  • With 'Black Reflective' finish – the perfect reflection of your lifestyle.

  • Silver Nano Health System eliminates up to 99.9% of germs passing through the airconditioner.

  • Energy-efficient (e.g. the 9000 BTU Vivace uses less than 1 kW per hour!)

  • Extremely silent in operation.

  • World-first Micro Plasma Ion technology creates a 'Zone of Health' in your home or office
    environment by destroying airborne viruses, allergens and bacteria.

  • Good Sleep' mode varies room temperature to maintain optimum skin temperature for a restful, refreshing sleep.

  • Available in cooling & heating versions from 9000 BTU/hr up to 24 000 BTU/hr.

  • Suitable for room sizes from 15m² up to 45m²

LG Classic

Classic design and all the creature comforts you would expect from an exclusive LG product.

  • Gold Fin Anti Corrosion™
  • Jet Cool™
  • Natural Wind by CHAOS Swing
  • Auto Restart
  • Wireless Remote Controller
  • Quiet Operation
  • Sleep Mode
  • Auto Operation
  • 7 hour OFF Setting Timer
  • One-Touch Air Filter (Anti-Bacteria)
  • Healthy Dehumidification.
Daikin Classic Energy Saving Inverter FTXN model  
  • Energy efficient DC inverter compressor motor is standard

  • Econo mode decreases power consumption

  • Comfort mode guarantees draught free operation by preventing air directly blown onto the body

  • Powerful mode can be selected for rapid cooling or heating

  • Titanium apatite photo-catalytic air purification filter absorbs microscopic particles and decomposes odours.

  • Vertical auto swing moves discharge flap up and down automatically for efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room

New Stylish Daikin Emura

  • Stylish, low-profile design

  • Energy saving; very high EEr, up to 4.46 (energy label 'A')

  • Ensures maximum comfort

  • Sound pressure performance down to 22 dB(A)

  • 24 hours programmable remote control with a weekly schedule timer
The Intelligent Eye
The Daikin Emura has a built-in movement sensor that detects a person's presence in the room. If the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes, the unit will automatically switch to energy-saving setting. As soon as anyone re-enters the room, the air conditioner will start up again.
Whisper Quiet Operation
The indoor unit distributes air extremenly quietly. The sound produced amounts to as little as 22dB(A) in cooling. For comparison, the ambient sound in a quiet room amounts to 40dB(A) on average.
Night Set Mode
To help you sleep more comfortable, the Daikin Emura will prevent over-heating or over-cooling during the night. If the timer is switched on, the unit will automatically set the temperature to 0.5c warmer when cooling and to 2c cooler when warming. This prevents rapid changes in room temperature that could disturb your sleep.

Modern Art Cool Mirror

Stylish, slim design and forward thinking technology is what sums up why the Art-Cool was designed.
This machine will turn heads.

  • NEO Plasma Air Purifying System
  • Gold Fin Anti Corrosion
  • Auto Changeover (Heat Pump Only)
  • Jet Cool™
  • Plasma Heat Exchange
  • Auto Cleaning
  • Natural Wind by CHAOS Swing
  • Auto Restart
  • Auto Operation
  • Wireless Remote Controller
  • Quiet Operation
  • Sleep Mode Auto Operation
  • 24-Hour ON/OFF Setting Timer
  • One-Touch Air Filter (Anti-Bacteria)
  • Healthy Dehumidification

Quality Airsure Midwall unit


Affordably cooling at your finger tips with the quality Airsure mid-wall range.


  • Elegant softly-contoured styling
  • Wireless controller
  • Horizontal auto swing
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • One-touch anti-bacteria filter
  • Affordably quality


One or four way: a cassette needs to deliver a flow of air to where it's needed most without making the end-user feel uncomfortable or detracting from the surrounding décor.

  • Built in drain pump for installation flexibility

  • Evenly distributed airflow by 4-way blow vane design

  • Air outlets on the indoor unit allows air to be redirected into another room.

  • Long pipe lengths for flexible installation.

Hideaway Ducted Unit

  • Larger heating and cooling capacities than mid-wall units

  • Air can be directed to individual rooms or offices

  • Long pipe lengths between indoor and outdoor unit

  • Cost effective solution for multiple room air-conditioning applications

  • Flexibility of layout, installation and design

  • Only grills are visible, flush with the ceiling (no indoor unit mounted on the wall)


Multi system / (VRV – Mufti V – DMX – City Multi)

This type of system can accommodate multiple indoor units with the use of one condenser The multi-systems Aircon Draft installs and maintains are from leading brands and are designed to facilitate energy and space saving.

Benefits of VRV type systems include:
DC inverter compressor (energy saving and quiet operation)
Long length and high elevation piping (helps to keep the condenser in remote concealed locations)
Quick cooling and heating (20% faster than conventional units)
Single phase condensers ranging from 36000 BTU’s to 60000 BTU’s (10kW – 17kW).

This means that not only commercial property, but households with only single phase power availability can also benefit from multi-system applications
The multi-system can offer building management systems (BMS) that can be stand-alone systems or that can be integrated into existing BMS systems utilising international standard BACNET and LONWORKS interfaces. This system can also operate peripheral systems such as pumps, lighting and alarm systems.
Touch-screen home automation systems are also offered to modernise your system and let you have full access to all areas at your fingertips. This system also lets you restrict some functionality on certain controls in specific areas. This is useful when small children are operating their individual control.


Sanitary water heat pumps

Aircon Draft supplies and installs heat pump condensers for geysers. These heat pumps will save you up to 40% energy costs on your electricity bill, by utilising an air to water heat exchanger, with a performance coefficient of around 3. This means that you will use 1kw of electricity and obtain 3kw of heating in your geyser (that is 3 times more than your conventional element- only operating geyser).Our heat pumps take less time to heat up your geyser water, and come with a wall panel remote control that you can programme to come on and off at times when you are away from home. heat

Portable air-conditioning units

We also supply and install portable air-conditioning units. Please contact an Aircon Draft consultant for more information promotions

Air Purifiers

Contains very technologically advanced air-purifying filters (suitable for smoking rooms and hospitals)

Improved breathing comfort for allergy and asthma sufferers

Security Cages

Aircon Draft manufacture, supply and install security cages for your peace of mind. The condenser is the greatest part of your air-conditioning investment, and securing this item will save you money in the long run.

We can also manufacture wooden louvred cages (white or wood finish) to screen your condenser if installed in security estates where outdoor aesthetics is a concern with your governing body corporate.

Some special features on our home air-conditioning systems supplied by Aircon Draft

  • Anti-corrosion coating on the condenser coils
  • Air-purifying filters
  • Heating and cooling with auto-changeover
  • Wireless and wired remote control options
  • Quiet operation
  • 24 hour on/off timer and 7 day timer on selected models
  • Healthy dehumidification
  • Easy clean filter
  • Multiple airflow settings
  • Sleek modern designs
  • Latest air conditioning technology

Aircon Draft’s 13 point check service


At Aircon Draft, we pride ourselves in the comprehensive way in which our technicians complete the annual service required on your air-conditioning investment. We have a fail-proof system that ensures that all the service information on your air-conditioning system is recorded and filed.

This information assists us on the following year’s service to determine if any gas leaks have occurred, or if there are electrical inconsistencies on the equipment.

We use a unique 13 point service check system that covers all the essential mechanical and electrical equipment, and once completed, will ensure that your air-conditioning equipment is functioning correctly and efficiently